Industrial Work
Design, fabrication, and installation of ASME pressure vessels & power piping for industrial and commercial applications per "S," "U" and "PP" stamps. Repair work per the National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors "R" stamp. Steel tank design, fabrication, and installation per American Petroleum Institute API 650 standard and repairs per API 651 standard.

Selective Products

Boiler Repair
AES Co-Generation Facility
Cumberland, MD

Autoclave Pressure Vessel
Alliant Techsystems
Rocket Center, WV
12’ diameter carbon steel

Demineralizing Pressure Vessel

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Oak Ridge, TN
TTI Engineering
12’ diameter 316L stainless steel

Steam Flash Tank
MeadWestvaco Corp., Luke,MD
30" diameter carbon steel

ASME Condensate Tank
Appleton Papers Inc.,
Roaring Spring, PA
6’ diameter carbon steel

PA Turnpike Ventilation Fans

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
Allegheny Tunnel between Bedford and Somerset, PA
Fabricate and install four 300,000 cfm fans